Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tempting and Dazzling Cookie Flip Lollipop

The LG Cookie flip which is a clamshell mobile phone despite its big size is sleek and extremely inspiring one. It is available in three colors Cutie Pink, Aqua Blue and Boyish Titanium. Listening carefully at today's hip and happening modern women, the phone has been designed and that is the main emphasize of the phone definitely one could say the good looks.

The calm shell design mobile phone with a pretty thin form factor and it also called Lollipop mobile phone which has 2.8 inch display set with a pretty bright screen with 240x400 pixels resolution and can perform good under the direct sunlight. LG GD580 Lollipop is a basic model type in general. It has 60 MB internal memory storage and also can be expanded through microSD card.

The LED lights that blink on the outer panel are simply bewitching. The lights are customizable, the users are allowed to create their own patterns and set them for a particular function such as incoming or outgoing calls, missed calls, messages, and everything. The phone comes with Clamshell with LED lights, 3.0 megapixel fixed focus camera, customizable LED Emoticons, MP3 player and FM Radio, tempting Graphics options, and a 3G Enabled cute phone.

Forget about those boring wall papers and now LG has come with the stuff to give our mobile phone with a complete makeover. We can choose from a variety of striking wallpapers that clearly reflect our kind of style.

If you cannot express your mood in words we can be creative. We can use the customizable LED Emoticons and see it glow on the flap of our phone. Make the heads to turn as you speak your mind in a dazzling way. Yep it is possible by LG GD580 Cookie Flip.

The 3G technology enables us to enjoy the spectrum of the advanced services like video calls, video streaming, faster Internet downloads.

Over LG Lollipop is a 3G Enabled 7.1 cms which is a big screen with customizable LED emoticons with a 3 MP Camera, irresistible graphics. One can express himself without even uttering a word. Do it with the cool, tempting & dazzling LG COOKIE FLIP because its customizable LED emoticons & the brilliant hidden lighting lets you express yourself in a whole new way compare and buy online shopping which is made life easy and simpler. With just one click the dream product will be in our doorstep.

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